Sunday, October 5, 2014

Thursday, October 2, 2014

In the shop...

In the shop....
The How and Why Wonder Book of Weather by George Bonsall, illustrated by George Pay (1960).
Rocks and What They Tell Us by Lester Del Rey, illustrated by Pru Herric (1961) - previously posted about here.
Animal Doctors: What Do They Do? by Carla Greene, illustrated by Leonard Kessler (1967).
Our Country's National Parks: Book One by Irving R. Melbo (1941) - previously posted about here.
The First Book of Snakes by John Hoke, illustrated by Paul Wenck (1952).
Wordduel - "The Exciting New Word Game for Two or More Players" (1955).

Includes: The True Book of Deserts by Elsa Posell, illustrated by Carol Rogers (images 2 & 3), The True Book of Jungles by Illa Podendorf, illustrated by Katherine Grace (images 4 thru 7) and The True Book of Oceans by Katharine Carter, illustrated by Mary Gehr (last image - previously posted about here).

Thursday, September 25, 2014

In the shop...

In the shop...
Walt Disney's Pinocchio (A Little Golden Book) - illustrations by the Walt Disney Studio, adapted by Campbell Grant.
The Kingfishers by Karel Novy, illustrated by Mirko Hanak (1968).
The Clumsy Cowboy (Wonder Books Easy Reader) by Jean Bethell, illustrated by Shel and Jan Haber (1963).
The Lively Little Rabbit by Ariane, illustrated by Gustaf Tenggren (1977).
They Saw Him Fly by Margaret Moore, illustrated by Bonnie and Bill Rutherford (1966).
Two in the Wilderness: Before Vermont Had a Name by Mary Wolfe Thompson, illustrated by Tom O'Sullivan (1967).
Under the Green Willow by Elizabeth Coatsworth, illustrated by Janina Domanska (1971).
What the Moon Saw by Brian Wildsmith (1978).